"Tall Ships"

  Real EstateCoaching  Programs

F R EE 1 hour Consultation to meet and discuss which program suits you best.

Why "Tall Ships" because they have stood the test of time, they are proven in all weather conditions, they are built to last, they are resilient,  they teach endurance, team work and forward planning.

They embody all skills necessary to be highly successful in Real Estate.

1. "Learn the Ropes" - part 1 Understanding Real Estate

                                         part 2  Preparing to Buy

                                         part 3  Building your Portfolio

For individuals starting out and any one wanting  to  build  their wealth through property. 

 -  Include workshops, private one on ones, mobile and email contacts dealing with your individual situation and more.   6 week program.


2. "Climb the Rigging"

For agents new  to the Industry or those already begun but want

to continue to build a successful career and avoid many of the pitfalls

along the way.  

Looking at all aspects required to build your successful long term career in real estate.

 Includes:  * basic knowledge *qualifications & planning career moves  * building relationships and data base *skills and techniques of sales and listings *niche marketing and more.

 6 month program.  Payment plan available.

3. "Steering the Ship"

For NEW  AGENGIES or Individual Licenced Agents.

 Set yourself up for success from day one and learn the tips, tools

and tactics necessary to achieve a profitable and successful business.

 6 month program. Payment plan available.

100% Guarantee of satisfaction or your money back !

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